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    24/7 Monitoring to ensure your computer is running at its best! Wouldn’t be nice to know your device is overheating, or that your hard drive is full before it is too late? We these things and more and alert you if we see a problem.

    Managed Anti-Virus. Always updated and always monitoring!

    Managed Updates. Do you hit the later button on updates often? We all do, who has time to wait for updates when you are trying to work. With managed updates, this is done late at night when your device is not needed.
    Weekly Maintenance. Do you know when your last restore point was created, temp files were deleted, or disk was defragmented? These things are only a part of the weekly maintenance that we run on your devices. Long gone are the days of having to disrupt work flow by doing onsite visits for maintenance. All this is done remotely and after business hours to keep your business running at its best.
    Remote Assistance. You can have quicker response time to your requests with remote assistance even if you are mobile. All you need is an internet connection and we can assist you from anywhere in the world.

    For more information email us at info@cctxit.com or visit us on the web at www.cctxit.com

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    United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce